welcome to natasha’s blog

Hello my name is Natasha. I am a girl. I like making things. I have blonde hair and blue eys. My favourite colour is pink and purpel. I like chocolate ice cream mmm. I am 8. I like reading books.

Buddy post

Today MEM is teaching JJD how to use a computer.So far we are  doing quite good.We have seen JJDs blog and MEMs blog.My buddy is learning a lot.Our buddies are having a lot of fun so are we.

Term 3 goals

In term 3 I am looking forward to clubs. I hope to join a club a bit like drama or if there is drama then i will join that.


My 3 goals for this term  are:

  1. Get better at my art.
  2. Get faster at PE.
  3. To be neater in my writing.

How much do you really know me?

well you may think you know a bit about me but do you know what i am really like? Well lets start of with the easy one that my friends should know I am a gamer if you dont know what a gamer is well it is a person that loves games and plays a lot of them oh and if you gave a random game to a gamer she or he would be good at the game. second I may be a bad drawer but it is a hobby i love drawing. third did you know that i am a really good horse rider not to brag though. fourth dancing is a talent that i have. i am a hip hop dancer i love doing it.

Term 2 is awesome.

well well term 2 has been AMAZIng lots of learning, having fun and most inportantly not being alone. I love I tell you LOVE math it is amazing,sorta magical and you get to learn all the diffrent math around the world. Recently in class we have been learning math strategies. I am looking fallword to the school fait. 🙂


Learning in 2016

Well long time no see yes I am back now I would like to say  how much fun it is to learn (not really). well I just want to tell you what I have learnt. Ummm let me think. Ahh I know well first we are learning about what makes a good interduction next. ….. I have forgot well so far the year has been really good and I have the best teacher in the unervers and that is well what I can remember 🙂 see you next time bye.



It is nearly Christmas in the year 2014. I want a lot of  presents . I hope every one has been good so they get presents.